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The award-winning Joomla content management system (CMS), is one of the most popular CMSs in the marketplace today allowing users to easily build websites and powerful online applications. Joomla! was most recently voted as Packt Publishing’s “CMS of the Year” 2011.

This powerful system features well over 9300 extensions developed by the Joomla! Community, one of the largest and most enthusiastic open source development communities with over 500,000 community members from around the globe. So finding free community driven support or professional support for your business or organization is easy and affordable.  The Joomla! Community also provides comprehensive User Documentation, a robust User Forum to answer all your questions, a free, no-obligation, 30-day personal demo of Joomla!, and even has it’s own Community Magazine bringing news, ideas, and innovations from the Joomla! Community.
ease-of-use, extensibility, and support for over 95 languages have made it one of the most powerful and sought after tools for building robust, scalable, and sustainable social communities, learning environments, business applications, e commerce platforms, news portals, non-profit organizations and much more. As of 2011, Joomla! powers an estimated 2.8% of all web sites in the world, and an industry leading 9%+ of all websites driven by a management system of any kind. Best of all, Joomla is fun to use and an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.  

Here are just a few examples of Web sites that use Joomla:




More examples of companies and organizations using Joomla can be found in the Joomla Community Site Showcase.

0Anonymous Coward: "Hi,<p>does anyone know of any limitations of JOOMLA-built websites on MAC computers?</p><p>Thanks a bunch.</p><p>Matt</p>"
0Anonymous Coward: "Hi fellow Mac user.<p>It&#39;s not commonly known but the Joomla! team is made up of a significant number of Mac users.&nbsp; This is highly unusual in Linuxland compared to other open source projects.</p><p>To answer your question, if you&#39;re using a Mac and want to develop locally you have the most powerful, flexible platform to do this. Your MAC!!!</p><p>All you need is a copy of MAMP (which you can download for free) and OSX (i&#39;m assuming you&#39;re using OSX).&nbsp; If you&#39;re still using OS9, developing locally is not as straight forward but we do have a special sub-forum for Mac-related questions and answers.</p><p>You can check it out at</p><p>&nbsp;</p>"
0Anonymous Coward: "I am having difficulties in installing Joomla on my Mac computers using MAMP. Please anybody who can sent me a step by step instruction on how to install JOOMLA using MAMP in my MAC computer.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

truly yours,

0Anonymous Coward: ",en/<p>Hope this helps </p>"
0Anonymous Coward: "Thank you very much for your input. I can now find it easy to install joomla on mac.<p>&nbsp;Again thank you very much for your help and concern.</p><p>&nbsp;More power. </p>"
0Anonymous Coward: "I am having difficulties in installing Joomla on my Mac computers using MAMP. Please anybody who can sent me a step by step instruction on how to install JOOMLA using MAMP in my MAC computer.&nbsp;<br /><br />Your help will be highly appreciated.<br /><br /><br /><br />truly yours,
0Anonymous Coward: "I have some limitations with Joomal - and it comes with the functions of some components like the gallery one - Modules of the classiffied!<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Julius Noble Ssekazinga Habari Uganda!</p><p>JNS Technology Associations (U)</p>"
0cmstester: "<a href=""></a>"
0cchrisscoupe: "Please update its status!
Joomla is a very usefull cms.
Thanks in advance"
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