CMS Matrix offers businesses a unique opportunity to capture the attention of people and businesses seeking content management systems & services.

Advertising on CMS Matrix works because the site has a niche audience that's focused on comparing products and purchasing a CMS solution. The people that visit CMS Matrix are people in the market for a CMS right now. Visitors wouldn't be on the site if they weren't looking to build or rebuild a website, intranet, extranet, or document repository.

CMS Matrix receives around 20,000 unique visitors per month who are looking for content management systems. Put your product in front of them while they're looking for a solution.

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CMS Matrix is the number one content management system comparison site on the Internet. It allows users to evaluate over 1300 content management systems in 135+ different categories.

  • CMSmatrix launched in 2003 and turns 14 years old this year.
  • CMSmatrix is the 1st & 2nd result on Google when searching for "compare content management system".
  • CMSmatrix is the 1st result on Google when searching for "compare cms".
  • CMSmatrix is the 1st & 2nd result on Google when searching for "compare content management"
  • CMSmatrix is the 1st result on Google when searching for "compare cms systems".
  • CMSmatrix is the 4th result on Google when searching for "cms".
  • CMSmatrix is the 4th result on Google when searching for "content management systems".
  • CMSmatrix is the 7th result on Google when searching for "content management system".
  • CMSmatrix is the 19th result on Google when searching for "content management".
  • CMSmatrix will assign a dedicated advertising agent to assist you over the phone or email.CMSmatrix is referenced on hundreds of websites worldwide and is the undisputed leader in CMS feature comparison.

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We offer a highly visible 728 x 90px ad placement that is available across the entire website. Your advertisement can be made up of flash or be in a standard image format (.jpg, .png, .gif). We ask that the total file size be less than 50KB. Please note: Flash banners must be created so that they are internally hyperlinked to the proper destination URL and are clickable.


CMS Matrix has a very simple pricing plan at $1 per 1000 impressions. That's right, CPM = $1. A minimum purchase of $100 (100,000 impressions) is required.


Your ad will be a run-of-site campaign and will continue until the number of impressions you purchased runs out.

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Featured Products

The Featured Product program was launched December 1st, 2009 and was created to allow vendors to improve product visibility on the matrix. With 1300 products listed on CMSmatrix, it's difficult to stand out. In addition, we've received lots of feedback over the years from visitors who were interested in seeing featured products that are industry leading from successful and stable companies.

Our audience is quite different than other sites in that they aren't usually return visitors. They come to to search/compare CMS solutions and then once they find them, they don't have a reason to return. However, that's exactly why vendors find the program attractive because we have over 20,000 unique visitors each month that are using our service to find a CMS solution.

Featured Product Program

Featured Product Program
Subscription  Cost
1 Month $250/month
3 Months Prepaid $675 (10% savings = $225/month)
6 months Prepaid $1275 (15% savings = $212.50/month)
12 Month Prepaid $2250 (25% savings = $187.50/month)

Note: Vendor order on home page is based on number of pre-paid months from greatest to least. 



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